The Benefits of Early Piano Lessons

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The Benefits of Early Piano Lessons

The trope of children going to piano lessons is one hard wrought into the framework of a majority of television shows and movies and other consumable media, but it seems as though the reality of that concept is dwindling. How many kids nowadays are going without any musical education at all because of governmental cutbacks and schools prioritizing literally anything above the arts? In times like these, it is important to be aware of how beneficial and important music is for children. By learning how to play an instrument, such as piano, and being instructed by a competent individual, a skilled piano teacher for example, kids will gain skills and unlock areas of their brains that would potentially remain stagnant.

Music Education

By being exposed to a wider variety of things early on in life, many people can grow and develop in healthier ways. Listening to Bach does not necessarily mean your child will grow up to have an IQ of 205, but because it engages so many areas of the brain and stimulates physical reactions, there is research that suggests it aids with cognitive development. Language acquisition is especially helped by a young introduction to music. Piano lessons can only benefit the progress of children, mentally and physically.

Piano for Kids

If you have ever tried to play the guitar, it has occurred to you that this kind of instrument would be somewhat more difficult for a five year old to attempt. Because of its awkward shape and the temperamental way the strings refuse to sound exactly right each time, it can be disheartening and detrimental to a beginning music learner. Alto saxes are heavy, and they require a significant amount of physical stamina not present when dealing with some other instruments. While there are many different musical ways to instruct your kids, piano is by far the best. With a talented and inspiration piano teacher, children become motivated by respect and a desire to be better themselves. It instills good habits, like consistent practice on a daily basis and harmonizing hand-eye coordination. Because the piano requires no additional or complicated work to make it sound normal, it can be an excellent self-esteem booster for children. It gives them something to be good at while helping cognitive function and fine motor skills in the young.

Classical Tunes

It has been proven in numerous research studies that classical music improves cognition. Young adults are encouraged to listen to Mozart while studying for the ACT or SAT, because this form of music excites the brain. Specifically, Beethoven and his contemporaries created music that directly targets the stress and sleep centers of the brain. It promotes good sleeping patterns and causes a direct correlation to relaxation from a heightened state of stress. If simply listening to classical music is that beneficial for growing children in formal and academic settings, just imagine how much more benefit is to be gained by being able to play that music!

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